PROBLEM – Best CRM for financial advisors in Jacksonville

You may have just started your practice, or have been around for a while, but the problem is the same.

  • You may have started with Salesforce—but it is not compliant with FINRA; or maybe you picked up Redtail – but it is a weak CRM
  • You picked up QuickBooks for accounting
  • Then subscribed to Constant Contact or Mail Chimp for marketing
  • Tried Google Docs for document management (but again, it is not compliant)
  • Or even subscribed to eMoney or Money Guide Pro for your financial planning

You’re all set – right? Unfortunately… no!

  • You now have FIVE apps to learn. FIVE apps to integrate
  • You also face the dreaded “double entry” (in fact worse) your data is in FIVE databases
  • Then you realize you’re out of legal compliance with FINRA
  • And the COST for ALL these apps is horrendous. What a mess!

How do other’s do this? They don’t… they ALL have problems. This stinks!

Perhaps you should consider…

SOLUTION – for financial advisors and planners in Jacksonville

ugru_logo Website

The #1 CRM for Financial Practice Management Suite – for financial advisors in Jacksonville

  • It was founded in 2011 by financial advisors with 60 years combined experience and 30 years running financial practices. The group has small team, but also VP and Sr. VP experience at $130 billion GE, $48 billion Motorola and $4 billion Harcourt.

Finally, a financial CRM with built-in financial planning, for small business that has document management and marketing automation–all at a price within reach.

WHY TO BUY – for financial advisors in Jacksonville

There are five main reasons to consider UGRU:

  • Full featured, Integrated Financial CRM
  • Sales Force Automation – for contact & account management
  • Marketing Automation – to get & retain more clients
  • Bookkeeping & Operations – integrates the entire business
  • The BEST Financial Planning (stronger than eMoney)

Plus, UGRU is the Price Performance Leader – MUCH less than the combined apps it replaces. Let’s look at each of these points in detail:

1. Full featured, Integrated Financial CRM – for financial advisors in Jacksonville

  • CRM Financial AdvisorAll in one unified interface, all on one platform,CRM Financial Advisor no need for additional apps to run your business.
  • Includes CRM, Accounting, Financial Planning, Marketing Automation, Workflows, TRUE Mass Email, Templates for email, call scripts, Report Generators, Real time Dashboard, Operations library and Document Management.

2. Sales Force Automation – for contact & account management

  • Contact Management. Capture and organize all of your detailed information for every prospect, client, vendor, and associate, setup follow-up calls and appointments, log emails and detailed notes, setup referrals, and attach documents—everything you need to build your clientele and keep them happy.
  • Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management. Tracks your contacts, where they are in the sales cycle, the size of the opportunity, whether it is single or recurring revenues, separates Sales PlannerAUM and fixed commission opportunities, and calculates the chance of close—making it easy to forecast your sales and cash flow.Sales Planner
  • Outbound Phone Automation. Easily connect your VOIP system to call prospects or accounts with a single click, create time-stamped notes, and enable customized call scripts with a consistent sales message for a higher chance of closing.
  • Territory Management. Allows you to assign accounts to individuals, groups or territories then easily re-align accounts, pending appointments, task, calendar events, and status to other team members or groups in seconds.

3. Marketing Automation – for financial planners to get & retain more clients

Use UGRU to automatically build clients, stay in contact—without all the manual effort—allowing you to do more with a smaller team. Features include:

  • TRUE Mass Email. Create emails, newsletters or updates and send them to multiple contacts (up to 25k/day or 150k/month with just a few clicks). Allows you to prospect new lists, or easily stay connected to your existing clients Marketing Automation Financial CRMwith account updates, newsletters and financial tips.
  • Marketing Automation Financial CRMCampaign Analytics. Get open, click thru and bounce rates for mass emails and drip campaigns. Helps you determine which marketing activities are the most effective.
  • Drip Campaigns. Run automated sequences of emails to any individual or group in your system. This allows you to stay close to your clients regularly and market to prospects automatically without having to do anything outside of the initial setup.
  • Workflow Automation. Create your own or edit existing templates to generate tasks and workflows automatically for prospect follow-ups, annual or quarterly client meetings and service items. Creates consistency and ensures client maintenance items do not fall through the cracks, which decreases client turnover through superior customer service.

4. Accounting & Operations – integrates the entire business for financial advisors

  • Operations Library. Includes powerful document management for marketing and operational documents, email templates, and call scripts. Includes a built in editor to create professional templates for both client and prospect marketing and it allows for easy team collaboration on project documents and marketing material.
  • Accounting Financial Advisor Important documents like Accounting Financial AdvisorADVs, portfolio agreements, disclosures or any communication that needs to be sent on a regular basis can be saved with tagging codes that auto-customize for contacts, staff and users.
  • Financial Dashboard. The financial dashboard makes it easy to drill down and view revenue, expense, and profit/loss along with a quick comparison between firm financial goals and real time results.
  • Invoicing. Easily and quickly create and send invoices to any contact that is already within the integrated CRM. Making the process easy and helps speed up cash flow.
  • Full Featured Accounting (like QuickBooks). Includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, billing, P&L, balance sheet, plus more.

5. The BEST Financial Planning Software (stronger than eMoney or MoneyGuidePro ) for Jacksonville

UGRU has all the features seen in the most popular financial planning applications, plus some found nowhere else.

  • Core features. Goal based planning, Roth IRA conversions, reverse mortgage, mortgage acceleration, social security analysis, guaranteed income benefit and more
  • Decision Center Calculators. Analyzes how strategies impact a planFinancial Advisor Software
  • Liquid Asset Priority. Determines optimal income distribution order
  • Market Dynamics. To test for market volatility, along with other tools to test plans
  • Financial Plan Summary. Auto generated from pre-built editable word document based on plan recommendations
  • Money Flow Report. Directs staff to prepare all paperwork based on recommendations

6. Price Performance Leader – for financial advisors in Jacksonville

  • Affordable. MUCH less than ALL the combined apps it replaces—plus it eliminates double entry
  • Great Savings. Affordable CRM Financial AdvisorWhen you combine the cost of popular apps like Redtail or Salesforce, Constant Contact, QuickBooks, HubSpot, and eMoney, you are easily looking at over $1,100/month per user! Not so with UGRU!Affordable CRM Financial Advisor

No wonder UGRU is considered the undisputed price performance leader. Plus, the built-in best-practice workflow and increased team performance helps you increase sales and helps your clients build maximum value—everyone does better.


  • “working like a charm”
  • “the more I use it, the more I like it”
  • “puts all the critical elements in one place”
  • “the answer for a turnkey business platform”

The Good Life

It is as good (and even better for financial planners in Jacksonville) than Salesforce–and smokes RedTail. Plus, all financials are built-in (using the best of QuickBooks (tailored to your practice)), batch billing is FAST, marketing automation (and true mass email) is all built-in (helping you build your business fast and stay connected to your existing clients), and the financial planning is BETTER than eMoney with full industry compliance.crm-financial-advisor-planner-city

crm-financial-advisor-planner-cityNow EVERYTHING is integrated—so no double entry and you have comprehensive reports (so you can run your business more profitably)—all at a price that is a FRACTION of the apps it replaces. Your business is running smooth—clients are raving fans… and profits are up.

Life is good!

UGRU is the #1 CRM Financial Practice Management Suite – for financial advisors in Jacksonville

What’s Next?

  • Call us at 1-904-591-6386 to see it live, for a quote or to get setup for a free trial!
  • We service the following cities: Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, St Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Gainesville, Orlando, Daytona