Medical Devices Industry

The Medical Device industry is facing many challenges – from pricing pressures, revenue stagnation, intense competition as well as complex government and regulatory controls. Organizations that find sustainable avenues of growth and focus on clinical outcomes, demonstrate value of products, reduce ongoing support costs will be the industry leaders.

  • Research & Development - Medical Device R&D teams are facing several business and regulatory challenges, resulting in longer product development cycles and escalating product costs. R&D processes and technologies must be optimized to facility the rapid introduction, and adaptation of existing products, to the marketplace.
  • Device Manufacturing - Increased product complexities, rising costs and stringent regulations have necessitated the transformation and optimization of Manufacturing processes. Organizations are embracing new technologies and methods to improve time to market, reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance - Increased regulatory scrutiny is making it imperative for Medical Device manufacturers to leverage technology in identifying cost-effective processes that assure safety, increase device effectiveness, reduce risks and increase speed to market. A focus on quality and regulatory requirements are critical in minimizing product recalls and legal costs while ensuring the health and safety of patients using the medical devices.
  • Sales and Marketing - Sales & Marketing practices in the Medical Device industry have changed in the past few years due to growing competition, pricing pressures, rapidly changing reimbursement and regulatory policies, and increasing influence of non-clinical decision makers. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of Sales & Marketing are key to success in this challenging environment.

Technology solutions from Microsoft provide a range of Medical Device Industry specific solutions enabling process integration, speed to market, and information sharing with collaborative healthcare in mind. Our expertise with business intelligence tools and Big Data helps us create and drive custom analytic solutions, resulting in quick and informed business decisions. And our clients look to us for strategic guidance with secure, stable, and managed public, private and hybrid cloud deployments by leveraging our relationship with Concerto Cloud Services.

Our team can help you meet your challenges head-on with expert consulting services and innovative solutions.

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